11 Keywords Every Click Reaches $100 (Increase Adsense CPC)

These 11 Keywords Every Click Reaches 100 More US Dollars. Greetings, friend Rokipedia.

Now we will seriously discuss keywords or Google Adsense advertising keywords with a single click, at least auto payday can be a month.

Once you get an organic visitor, click, please chat! Harvest 100 US dollars. 1.4 million will automatically meet the disbursement requirements every month!

Then if you get 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 clicks? No need to imagine! You can count here. Got 10 clicks = 10 x 100 USD = 1000 USD. Could there be something like that?

Maybe! What might be that much? Maybe! Are you happy to get that much? Maybe so!

Still related to the possibilities above, the point is the core, in this paper actually is to discuss that there are keywords or keywords that have Adsense Cost Per Click (CPC) or CPC.

Even in the title of the blog post mention the value of each click or per click more than 100 US dollars?

It is widely known by Google Adsense publishers that Google Adsense is a program run by Google that allows Google Adsense publishers to display text ads, images, videos, or interactive media automatically, which are targeted to content and audience sites (blogs/websites) or via video channels YouTube, or there are also through application developers.

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Among the features of the calculation of Google Adsense ad serving is called CPC.

CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click or in English CPC (Cost Per Click). When users on your blog/website/ video click on ads that appear, advertisers pay Adsense to refer people to their business. Adsense also pays you to allow advertisements on your site. Well, the name is also human.

If the payment is very long, certainly will not be very patient (except for those who are patient of course).

From this comes expert experts, essentially the core, core of core that makes and produces smart new breakthroughs, but does not violate the TOS or Google Adsense signs, so that blog revenue or income can meet the minimum disbursement limit (1.3M ) and even multiplied instead.

From the results of their reflections and studies (in-depth what Rokipedia does not know) in the science of harvesting, to get very, very satisfying results, found keywords that have high click value. Every click there are 100, 130, and even 179. All of them are in US dollars. Really legit?

List of 11 Adsense Keywords (Keywords) that have a High Cost-Per-Click (CPC), which is worth 100 US dollars and more than Rokipedia gets from overseas sites. (Increase Adsense CPC)

01. Mesothelioma Law Firm = $ 179.01

02. Donate Car To Charity California = $ 130.25

03. Donate Car For Tax Credit = $ 126.65

04. Donate Cars In Ma = $ 125.58

05. Donate Your Car Sacramento = $ 118.20

06. How To Donate A Car In California = $ 111.21

07. Sell Annuity Payment: $ 107.46

08. Donate Your Car For Kids = $ 106.01

09. Asbestos Lawyer = $ 105.84

10. Colorado Car Insurance Quotes = $ 100.93

11. Structured Annuity Settlement = $ 100.8

Why are the keywords or keywords in all English? Now that’s the challenge. If you want to make a lot of money from your blog or website, please create an English-language blog with the keywords above.

The target, from the keywords mentioned above, when searched by info seekers through the Google search engine, the sites referenced by Google are your blog or website.

Not only that, searchers or visitors from which countries are also taken into account! Want to know which countries the CPC is big, or the CPC is big.

Read Rokipedia’s article titled High CPC Keywords: Google AdSense high paying keywords 2018-2019.

So it is not enough just to target keywords, the country of origin of visitors is also influential.

Thus writing Rokipedia titled “These 11 Keywords Every Click Reaches 100 More US Dollars”, which discusses keywords or keywords that have high click value. One-click can reach the minimum search limit every month from Google Adsense. Hopefully, add insight and enthusiasm Rokipedia and friends all. Happy blogging always.

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