8 Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense Alternative Advertising. Google Adsense is a program from the giant Google that provides a forum for advertisers to advertise their products throughout the blog that becomes the publisher and also provides additional income for publishers who place ads on GA on their blogs/websites. The interesting ad that appears in each blog will adjust itself to the contents of the blog so that visitors who see ads can also be interested in clicking it because it matches the content that he is reading besides GA also has thousands of advertiser partners in the program. Google Adsense ads are included in the category of PPC ads (pay per click), meaning that we will get paid for each of our ads clicked.

Google Adsense has proven to be a PPC advertising program that provides the highest pay compared to other PPCs. But this is comparable to the quality of blogs and not all blogs can become Google Adsense publishers because to be acceptable to GA blogs must meet the policies that Google has curbed. It’s not easy to accept AdSense because Google Adsense really selects blogs strictly to be accepted, but if it’s accepted we are free to advertise wherever we like, provided the blog is still in accordance with the rules and policies, or our Adsense will be banned.

8 Google Adsense Alternatives

1. Chitika  Alternative Adsense

The second Google Adsense alternative, Chitika is a PPC ad network with more than 350,000 advertisers and has more than 4 billion advertisements published each month. Chitika advertising is targeted and has good response with searches that come from search engines.

Chitika registration is also quite easy, we are only asked to place ads on the website that will be advertised and after being approved we will immediately be able to collect dollar coins. Paying is also easier because we need to collect $ 10 to be able to withdraw it via paypal, unlike GA which requires $ 100 in advance to be able to withdraw it.

2. Adversal  Alternative Adsense

Adversal is the next alternative. To be able to become an Adversal publisher, your total views in your blog must be 50,000 per month, if your blog meets these requirements then your request will be approved as a publisher.

This program offers a variety of banner and pop under sizes for publishers. To be able to achieve a minimum balance of payout is $ 20 which can be easily disbursed. Besides adversal advertising programs also offer affiliate programs. All you need to note is that the page view in your blog’s statistics is at least 50,000 per month or your request will be immediately rejected.

3. Infolinks  Alternative Adsense

Infolinks is a text link type ad network that has been proven to benefit publishers who monetize their content to blogs. Infolinks offers various types of advertisements that you can place on your blog, but the most popular are text ad units followed by ad units in frames.

Infolinks does not offer contextual advertisements like Google AdSense, but as an alternative to AdSense, Infolinks is highly recommended.

You can also use other ad networks to increase your blog’s revenue. Registering infolinks is easier, and they have a low minimum payment limit.

4.  Alternative Media.net Adsense

Media.net is the best Google Adsense alternative to try in terms of ad types.

Media.net is a contextual advertising network by Yahoo! and Bing, and offer high advertising fees. In addition, the types of ads that appear also similar to AdSense, and to be able to become a publisher also seems quite difficult like Adsense because I have tried it and rejected it hehe.

5. BitVertiser  Alternative Adsense

BitVertiser is also a contextual network that provides banner, text, car or slide adverts. To be accepted is also quite easy by registering directly and to reach a minimum payout of $ 10 via paypal or wire transfer

6. Amazon Display Ads  Alternative Adsense

It might be a bit strange to see Amazon’s advertising program listed as an “AdSense alternative”, but starting in 2016 Amazon began to be popular among bloggers to advertise Amazon on their site.

Indeed Amazon only offers affiliate programs, but with Amazon shopping-based advertisements, of course, it’s a great choice for users looking for something else like AdSense.

In my opinion, Amazon is suitable for those who have US & EU traffic where there are many Amazon customers. Usually, the ad placement is placed under the product review post so that readers who have read the review can also buy it directly.

7. Viglinks  Alternative Adsense

Viglink is perfect for a blog with a niche business or e-commerce site.

The Viglink concept is very different from all the alternatives mentioned above because with Viglink you get money by making affiliate sales.

Viglink works great if you have an outbound link to a product or business page such as a fashion store or Amazon. Viglink will automatically add links to money-related terms such as Apple, iPhone, etc.

The advantage of viglinks is that this program was developed by Google and a highly SEO-friendly advertising program.

8. Skimlinks  Alternative Adsense

Skimlinks is the best alternative for Viglink and works the same way. Skimlinks converts outbound links to affiliate links, and you get money every time a sale is made.

Maybe you can make ten times your existing income with Viglink and Skimlinks, as they pay for affiliate sales and not for clicks.

8 Google Adsense Alternatives

Chitika$ 10Contextual adsPayPal
Adversal$ 20Display adsPaypal / Wire-transfer / ACH
Infolinks$ 50In-text ads In Tag ads In Search adsPayPal / eCheck / ACH / Payoneer
Media.net$ 100Display ad / Text adsPayPal / Wire Transfer
BitVertiser$ 10Contextual adsPaypal / Wire-transfer
Amazon$ 20CPM Ad (Display ad)Wire transfer / Amazon Gift cards / Payoneer
Viglinks$ 10Text ads (Affiliate ads)Paypal
Skimlinks$ 10Text ads (Affiliate ads)Paypal

Google Adsense alternative. Keep in mind that if you already have Google Adsense, try not to join several clan networks above that interfere with the performance of Adsense ads. so as not to reduce Adsense revenue as the largest ad network that pays the publisher at a high price, and also avoids the occurrence of Banned Adsense because lately, it’s also prone to occur Google Adsense Banned.

If your AdSense account is banned/deactivated, perhaps the best way to cover lost AdSense revenue potential is to use a combination of two or more ad networks above. (For example: using Infolinks or Viglink with contextual advertising.)

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