Bluehost Review: Best Hosting Service Provider

If there is one name in the web hosting company you know, it’s probably Bluehost.

Yes, I want to say that Bluehost is a very web hosting, I mean is the most popular in the world of web hosting.

Currently, Bluehost has hosted more than 2 MILLION websites since its establishment in 2003 and has made it the best reputable hosting company.

Until officially recommends Bluehost  as one of the top four web hosting plans for WordPress blogs.

Bluehost Reviews

However …. As with many other fields besides web hosting, the most popular choice is not necessarily the best in terms of quality.

Is Bluehost the same?

Interesting question, due to the fact that many online hosting reviews make Bluehost the best choice based on the facts of the Bluehost reputation.

So many emerging biased reviews are not based on actual data and statistics.

That’s the problem … and of course, I’m not.

This review, as a solution, I will review about Bluehost shared hosting package based on accurate real data and also deep research , so ni will help you in making decisions.

So, keep reading …

By the way, although Bluehost also offers VPS hosting types, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud and also WordPress hosting, but until now Bluehost still specializes in shared hosting types.

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Advantages of Using BlueHost
# 1 Choice Hosting With Good Security
# 2 Average Impressive Uptime (99.98%)
# 3 Good Load Time = 510ms
# 4 Ease of Use
# 3 Free Domain and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
# 4 Recommended By
# 5 Has A Very Complete Video Tutorial
Disadvantages Using Bluehost
# 1 Cheap Hosting Price … But?
# 2 Website Transfer / Migration Not Free
Do I Recommend Bluehost?

Advantages of Using BlueHost

All hosting reviews in Hosting Advisor are based on in-depth research results, uptime and actual page load time, providing a transparent review.

Here are the details …

# 1 Choice Hosting With Good Security

security from hosting Bluehost

In terms of security or security, Bluehost is the most superior.

Bluehost offers tools that can prevent the risks common to blogs / websites.

You will get three layers of anti-spam protection with Spam Experts tools, Hammer Spam, and Apache Spam Assassin.

Bluehost also supports CloudFlare, which in addition to providing features to speed up your website, also can prevent any DDOS attacks that can cause the website down.

Then, if you want to blacklist access to your site, you also have the option to easily blacklist certain IP / IP Address addresses.

In addition, you also have access to SSH, which allows you to access config files securely.

# 2 Average Impressive Uptime (99.99%)

Bluehost shows excellent improvements in keeping their servers stable day by day and month by month.

This is evident from the average number of Bluehost uptime available at> 99.99% over the last 12 months = IMPRESSIVE.

With this data make Bluehost as hosting with the most stable server in the industry.

uptime bluehost

Data source:

# 3 Good Load Time = 510ms

Not only does it show upgrading in terms of uptime, Bluehost has also improved in terms of server performance.

If you read my Bluehost review before June 2017, you’ll find that I absolutely do not recommend Bluehsot as your best hosting option.

But to date, Bluehost’s load time average is at 510ms (5.1 seconds) which results in a fast category (only less than SiteGround and A2 Hosting ).

# 4 Ease of Use

ease of use of Cpanel Bluehost

Just like most other web hosting providers, Bluehost uses the standard Cpanel, which by far is, in my opinion, the best and easiest to use.

And in the Cpanel, Bluehost offers many applications that can be integrated into your website/blog, such as Cloudflare and Page Speed ​​Grader.

# 3 Free Domain and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

At Bluehost, you will get a free one domain each purchase shared hosting for whatever shared hosting package you choose.

Bluehost also guarantees 30 days money back guarantee, in case you are disappointed with their quality or service.

# 4 Recommended By

Just like SiteGround and Dreamhost, Bluehost is also one of four web hosting that is officially recommended by

# 5 Has A Very Complete Video Tutorial

I think this is an advantage Bluehost that is not owned by most other web hosting.

Bluehost has a Youtube channel that contains basic tutorials such as how to install WordPress, how to change nameservers, even blogging tips such as how to increase blog traffic can also be found.

I’ve checked their channel, and it does seem very complete and helpful.

Disadvantages Using Bluehost

Bluehost is the most reviewed web hosting on the Internet, but if you dig further to find unbiased reviews (read: reviews that are not commission-based), you will find the fact that Bluehost has many shortcomings.

But let’s review the facts before giving an assessment.

# 1 Cheap Hosting Price … But?

Bluehost hosting price

Bluehost cheap…

The hosting price is the same as SiteGround and GreenGeeks, which is $ 3.95 / month.

But … you need to register for 36 months to get the $ 3.95 / month price.

Do you plan to register for 12 months? Then the price goes up to $ 5.45 / month.

And you can not rent hosting for 1 or 3 months, at least 12 months.

# 2 Website Transfer / Migration Not Free

Most web hosting will gladly help you to transfer/migrate your website to their hosting for free alias free of charge.

But not for Bluehost.

Bluehost charges a fee of $ 149.99 when you use their services to transfer your website to Bluehost hosting.

Do I Recommend Bluehost?

Yes .

I recommend Bluehost to you.

Bluehost has demonstrated good server performance (510ms) and is supported by excellent server stability over the past 12 months (99.98%).

Although their price is not the cheapest, but if the uptime and load time you need, then there is no harm in you enter Bluehost in the list of best hosting you should choose.

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