Content changes, but do you change?

You understand that Google is getting smarter and that you can no longer fill your text with keywords. You understand that with your content you have to meet the demands of your potential customers. You also know that duplicate content is out of the question and that you can be punished for it. When writing content, you all take this into account. In the end, you have written texts that are, in your opinion, completely top-notch. They are unique and the content is very useful. But why do not we rise enormously in the positions? You will not get there with unique content. It is not a ranking factor.

Unique content is the basis

Of course, content is important for the SEO and for the ranking in Google. As Google evolved, this became increasingly important. In the beginning, you used little text that was not very relevant. Google came with his Panda update and delete your website from the ranking. With a bit of bad luck, Google also gave you a penalty. Your content did not meet the requirements. It was time to take a good look at the texts. The content has improved over the years and we have now reached the point where only unique content matters. At least that’s what we think. It is not an art to write unique and relevant content. Trust me, everyone can come to that point. For one it costs a bit more time and effort than for the other, but everyone can write nice, unique and relevant content.

You do a small survey within your own industry about what people want to know and what they are looking for. Then you respond in a smart way and give answers to the questions and solutions to problems. Very good, but something more is expected of you. You have to be the best. See what is currently available in your industry. Do you think you can give the best answer to the questions of your customers? Then you have to go for it and try to keep this content high, including related keywords. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get into the top ten with Google. There are many factors added to where content, but also your website must comply. Everyone adapts to that and websites have experienced a gigantic growth in the last 10 years. You have to go even further and push yourself further to achieve good results.

Why is unique content no longer enough?

There is not one specific reason why it has changed so much and why we need to look beyond just unique content. This is due to several factors: the change in the link-up, the UX (user experience), the expectations of users and the rise of content marketing.

Getting links in a fair way has become the new link bulging, or link earning.

Link building was always a fairly easy way to get high in Google. We know that this is a bit outdated. Links are still important, of course, but some things have changed. Google is becoming more selective when it comes to good links. It is best to obtain links in a natural and organic way. People read your blog or come to your website and find the content interesting and fun and you follow, like or share your message. Do they have their own, preferably powerful website, and link them to your website? Then, of course, that is a nice bonus.

Do you not get these links in a fair way or do you not get relevant and good links? Then Google can punish you with a penalty. Your content should not only be unique but also better than any other content that deals with the same subject. Otherwise, it does not link to your content, but to the content that is even more fun and better. Make sure you use manuals, instructional videos, infographics, images, and other nice visuals. This makes it a lot more attractive to share your content.

User experience website

User experience

The user friendliness is becoming increasingly important and that is reflected in the algorithm that Google uses. It is important that your website and images load quickly and that your website is responsive. In short: your website must be easy and logical to use.

The rise of content marketing

It is, of course, a somewhat older concept and we are all familiar with it. The competition regarding the content has become murderous. Everyone wants to rank higher in Google and everyone wants to be found better. With the emergence of content marketing, we are forced to be even more creative and innovative when it comes to content.

The expectations of your users

Because of all the above, users expect a lot from us. They stop when loading a website takes too long, even if this is not on your website, but on their network. We have to switch quickly, respond to current events and trends. Users expect good answers to their questions and relevant content, immediately and always.

How can we fulfill these expectations?

It almost seems like an impossible task to respond even faster, more consistently and even better to the demands of our users. Nevertheless, we must adapt to these changes. The content must be even more valuable and that does not mean that it has to be more unique. You have to move in the user, that is old news. Suppose you want to book a flight to the United States, but you do not yet know with which airline. Then, of course, you look at the first ten results in Google, but also take a look at the social media likes and shares of these companies. Chances are that these are the same airlines.

Always do research on your competitors within your industry. You can ask yourself a number of questions:

  • What questions are asked and what answers are given to my search?
  • How is the user friendliness? Are you coming straight to the page where your answer is, or do you have to click through? Can you find it easily? How is the design and how is the loading time? Write down for yourself how user-friendly the results are.
  • Is the information you receive good and does this match your question or leave something to be desired? Is there information missing?
  • Is visual content used? Images, videos or infographics?
  • Is it converting and is there a call-to-action?

By properly analyzing websites and search results, you know where the strengths and weaknesses are and where your opportunities lie. You know exactly which companies rank well in your sector and get a lot of social media likes. Because you have done careful competition research, you know what is missing and what can be improved. You take advantage of that. You take your content and website to a whole new level and have a greater chance of better search results. Make sure your competitors do not even dare to battle with you! Content should be that good. How good is your content?

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