Earn money with articles

On special collection sites, you can add self-written articles and then communicate them in the advertising income of those articles. Do you have some old book reports or papers on your computer? Or do you just like writing? Then this is a very interesting online earning way.

How does it work?

It starts with your free registration at an article-collection site such as Hubpages and adds your own articles there. You can think of book reports and manuals, but also of recipes, travel stories or for example an informative article about your hobby. The only condition is that your texts are unique and self-written. But that does not mean that you can not use other articles as a source.

Half of the time with your articles your Google Adsense ads are shown, and every time a visitor clicks on such an advertisement you earn a commission. All you need to do is sign up with Google Adsense and add your unique Adsense code to your account on the article collection site. The proceeds of your advertisements will automatically end up in your Adsense account. Registering with Google Adsense is free, but you must be at least 18.

Why is this such an interesting earning way?

The longer you work with this method, the more you will earn. The big advantage of this earning way is that once written articles always exist. You will continue to earn money, even if you no longer write new articles. Do you always write a few new articles every week? Then your earnings can be really high in the long run.

How much can you earn?

That depends on the number of articles you have written and on the topics of your articles. Not every subject brings the same amount per click; you earn more on clicks on ads on articles about mortgages than on advertisements on articles about goldfish. Unfortunately, there is no list where you can see exactly how much each topic produces. The advice is, therefore, to prefer to choose topics that you think are interesting for advertisers.

On average, one article raises 50 cents a couple of euros every month. At first, that might seem like little, but it certainly is not. It means that if you write 2 articles every week for a year, you have built up a source of income at the end of that year, with which you are expected to earn more than 1000 euros a year for the rest of your life (if we start from € 1 per article per month):

  • 2 articles x 52 weeks = 104 articles
  • 104 articles x € 12 per year = 1248 euros per year

And as indicated earlier: once written articles always exist and you can continue to earn, every year again!

Sign in to an article collection site

The oldest, largest and best-known article collection site is Hubpages. Because of Hubpages. has the most regular visitors, your expected revenue per item is highest there. An extra advantage of InfoNu is that you can win prizes with every item, such as laptops or iPads. An overview of the prizes to be won can be found under ‘InfoNow actions’ (at the bottom right of your management panel page).

Article collection siteScore
1.Hubpages. Topper!

Less well-known article collection sites are Todio, Leerwiki, Info you and Foobie. With these sites, making money will be exactly the same as with Hubpages, and these articles also require your articles to be unique. So you can place each article on only one article collection site. Hubpages is always the best choice. Because of Hubpages has a lot more visitors than the other collection sites, and your expected earnings are therefore higher.

The advantage of article collection sites

The big advantage of collection sites is that they already have a lot of visitors. The articles you put on such a site are therefore assured of visitors and advertising income.

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