Few Very Easy Ways: How To Fix Chipped Tooth At Home

A whole tooth or just a small mini piece has just broken off and you are uncertain how to act. No panic! In this article, we answer the most important questions from A to Z.

Be it A for storage, K for costs, V for a tooth swallowed, W for a broken tooth after root canal treatment and Z for pulling.

How to fix chipped tooth at home

Depending on how much of the tooth has broken off, the traumatized tooth must be treated differently.

A visit to the dentist is essential if you want to avoid late effects. Even if you may not have any major symptoms at first, the tooth nerve or tooth may have been damaged.

What reasons are there for my tooth breaking off?

A tooth can break off for various reasons. Possible reasons are:

  • accident
  • fall
  • Caries
  • Root canal treated tooth
  • Already large filling on the fractured tooth

What to do if the entire tooth has broken off?

If the entire tooth, i.e. the tooth crown with the entire root, is knocked out, it is very important that the tooth is only touched by the crown and the tooth is placed directly in a tooth rescue box. It is important that you go to the dentist as soon as possible. Every minute is crucial for the prognosis of your tooth.

How do I keep the broken tooth so I can save it?

If you have lost a tooth and you want to keep it until you are at the dentist, you should never put the tooth in water. A suitable home remedy is an isotonic saline solution or UHT milk. Storage in a tooth rescue box would be even better. Every household with children should have this box.

What is a tooth rescue box?

A tooth rescue box is a transport medium for broken teeth and tooth fragments. This contains a special solution that preserves the tooth after it is knocked out. It not only protects the tooth cells from drying out but also keeps the tooth safe. Thus, the chances are higher than the replanting (new implantation) succeeds and the tooth heals back in the bone.

What to do if the filled tooth has broken off?

If a tooth has a large filling, it means that the tooth has only a small residual tooth substance. A tooth with a large filling is, therefore, better supplied with a crown or partial crown because the tooth is held together by the crown or partial crown.
Prophylactically, so that a tooth does not break off so easily, it helps to fluoridate the tooth. It’s best to do this once a week with Elmex jelly. Elmex jelly makes the tooth harder and more resistant to caries.

Learn more about dental costs.

How does the dentist treat the tooth when it has been completely knocked out?

If the tooth is not yet in a tooth rescue box, the dentist will insert the tooth there and then insert it into the tooth compartment. The tooth is splinted for a few weeks so that it can grow back into the bone and gain strength. A root canal treatment must be initiated early. If the tooth is back in the tooth pocket within 30 minutes after the accident and was previously in the tooth rescue box, then the chances are very good.

What can I not do under any circumstances?

  • Under no circumstances should the tooth dry out. The fragment should be reattached as soon as possible and must be stored properly. Ideally in a tooth rescue box and never in water, in a handkerchief or dry.
  • When a tooth is knocked out, only the crown of the tooth and not the root may be touched, otherwise, cells on the surface of the root can be destroyed.
  • Do not clean the tooth crown even if it is dirty.
  • Do not try to insert the tooth when it is completely knocked out, but have it done by a dentist.

What if I have just broken a small mini piece?

If you have only broken a small part of your tooth due to the trauma, then it is probably just enamel and dentin. If it was found, the broken piece of tooth can be glued to the tooth remaining in the mouth. If you have lost the broken piece or it is no longer in good condition, the tooth can be filled with a plastic filling.

Both options are barely visible and a good solution to take care of the tooth. Unfortunately, plastic fillings are often not a permanent solution because they do not last forever. Better restorations are therefore often crowned that completely cover and protect the tooth or veneers.

What if a large part of my tooth has broken off?

If you have a large piece broken off, not only has enamel and dentin broken away, but the tooth nerve is exposed. In this case, it usually bleeds from the tooth. A root canal treatment must be started for treatment and the tooth is temporarily filled with a filling until a new crown, e.g. made of ceramic, protects the tooth from further fractures.

When do I have to let the broken tooth go?

A broken tooth must be pulled out if

  • only the root of the tooth is still there and the tooth can no longer be built up because there is caries that extend below the gums.
  • there is a large inflammation at the root tip and the tooth already has a root tip resection.
  • the fracture is so deep that the tooth can no longer be preserved with a crown
  • the tooth has a longitudinal fracture

Why did my tooth break off after root canal treatment?

A root canal-treated tooth tends to break off if it is not crowned shortly after the root canal treatment. A root canal-treated tooth is a severely damaged tooth that has suffered a great loss of substance. As a result, it loses stability and can break more easily.

What are the chances of a replantation if I have swallowed the tooth?

First, you have to wait a few hours until your bowel has emptied and you can find the tooth in your chair. However, the prognosis of reimplantation is very bad, since in the meantime all cells on the tooth have died that allow them to grow into the bone. Fortunately, you are also unlikely to swallow your entire tooth.
If you swallow a crown or inlay, the crown or inlay can, of course, be put back in after a thorough cleaning.

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