How Much Does A Dental Cleaning Cost No Insurance

How much does a dental cleaning cost no insurance

The costs for professional tooth cleaning fluctuate widely. You can read here which budget the occupational inspection considers appropriate.

The essentials in brief:

  • The cost of professional tooth cleaning (PZR) fluctuates widely. According to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZBV), most practices charge between 80 and 120 euros.
  • The dentist calculates according to the private schedule of fees. Since 2012 there has been a separate fee figure for tooth cleaning.
  • Flat rates and bargains are not permitted. Rather, the price is based on the amount of time and level of difficulty.
  • You can compare prices at any time or ask for a quote.
  • Ask your health insurance company whether a grant is granted as part of a voluntary benefit.

What can a professional tooth cleaning cost?

Professional tooth cleaning is not a statutory health insurance benefit but must be paid for privately. The costs fluctuate depending on the effort, practice, and region. Since professional teeth cleaning was included in the private fee schedule for dentists (GOZ), dentists have to invoice according to the corresponding GOZ number (number 1040).

With the 2.3-fold rate of increase, which represents an average performance, the PZR costs 3.62 euros per tooth or per implant, crown or pontic. The 3.5-fold increase rate is 5.51 euros.

The dentist can provide many reasons for increased effort, such as anatomical features, very strongly adhering coverings, fixed dentures or a gag reflex. The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZBV) sees a price range of around 80 to 120 euros as realistic, but less than 70 or more than 150 euros is also possible.

What is not allowed?

Annual lump sums for several professional teeth cleaning in advance are not permitted according to a judgment of the Administrative Court in Munster (Az. 19 K 1242 / 12.T, March 2016). Dental associations always take action against bargain prices and discounts.

Because GOZ number 1040 includes the removal of deposits, inter-space cleaning, polishing and fluoridation, these measures must not be billed via other GOZ numbers.

However, what goes beyond the defined professional tooth cleaning can also be calculated, for example, a fissure seal, the polishing of filling edges or the removal of deposits under the gums. The latter, however, has already been tried in court, sometimes with contrary judgments. Sometimes the additional calculation is correct, sometimes not (OVG NRW, Az .: 1 A 477/13 and VG Stuttgart, Az .: 3 K 3921/12). Coverings that are not clinically visible and cannot be reached below the gums may only be removed by a dentist.

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What should you look out for?

Research has shown that professional tooth cleaning is not always done thoroughly and comprehensively.

Therefore: Ask specifically what services the offer includes and whether all treatment steps in professional tooth cleaning are followed.

If you are unsure whether the costs are too high, you can always compare prices with other dentists or ask the dentists’ association in your state for advice. Basically, dentists are obliged to inform patients about the expected costs before the start of treatment (§ 630c Abs.3 BGB).

How much work and time is involved?

The more complex the prophylaxis is for you and the more time it takes, the higher the costs. The dentist can charge more for a longer period.

How long the PZR lasts for you mainly depends on how much it is to be cleaned. With a bit with a lot of tartar and plaque, your bill will be higher. If the last tooth cleaning was long ago, the prophylactic assistant probably has more to do.

The use of special equipment and materials

If a powder jet device is used for cleaning your teeth, this can result in higher costs. Additional applications such as sealing the occlusal surfaces can also be noticed in the invoice.

What can professional teeth clean cost?

You should definitely clarify what your professional teeth cleaning will cost. Dentists are obliged to inform their patients about the costs incurred beforehand (§ 630c Abs.3 BGB). If you want to be sure that you will not experience an unpleasant surprise with the invoice, you can have a written estimate given in advance. If the prices seem too high, you can often save money by comparing prices between different providers.

Basically, the more teeth you have, the more cleaning will cost. But the amount of the bill also depends on the condition of your teeth.

For professional teeth cleaning in Germany, you have to pay between 40 and 250 €, on average you have to pay 80 €.

If you have relatively clean teeth, the cost should be lower. You should also consider whether you want to take advantage of additional services. Talk to your dentist or specialist about whether or not this will be included in the invoice. With special additional offers, find out beforehand how useful they are for the health of your teeth.

The most important clues for the costs summarized for you :

  • How many teeth can I clean?
  • How big is the cleaning effort for me?
  • Do I want to take advantage of additional services?

These considerations will help you better estimate your costs. A  price comparison can also be helpful to save costs in dental care.

Does the health insurance cover the professional teeth cleaning costs?

In principle, professional tooth cleaning is a private service that you pay for yourself.

However, some statutory health insurance companies have recognized that PZR offers their patients a great advantage. That is why some health insurance companies grant a subsidy for professional tooth cleaning once a year. Often, however, you have to have the PZR carried out by certain dentists with whom the statutory health insurance companies work. Ask your health insurance provider whether the costs will be borne by you and which conditions apply.

If you have private health insurance or additional dental insurance, the costs for dental cleaning are usually covered up to 100%.


Professional teeth cleaning costs can vary widely. These are based on the number of teeth and the effort required for cleaning. The use of extra services also affects the amount of the invoice.

It is important to ask your dentist before the prophylaxis what services should be performed and how much the costs will be.

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