7 Easy Way: How To Find Who A Phone Number Belongs

If you’ve ever seen an unknown phone number on your phone or your partner’s phone, you know the feeling of frustration. Nothing will drive you mad faster than getting calls from a phone number you don’t know – or, worse, seeing an unknown phone number on your partner’s phone.

Fortunately, there are safe and easy ways to find out who owns this number. In this article, we show you which steps are possible.

How to find who a phone number belongs

1. Ask the search engines for the unknown number

For a simple and free reverse search, simply enter the phone number in Google. On Google, make sure you put quotes around the phone number and include the area code.

In some cases, the number will be published on an internet profile or perhaps a classified ad. In this case, Google can find this number and you can find out the name of the person.

If this doesn’t work, you can use a specialized reverse search service. To do this, continue with step 2.

2. Use the reverse search in the phone book

A reverse search (also called inverse) in the online phone book allows you to find out who owns any phone number. This type of research not only shows you the name of the caller but sometimes also additional information.

There are several reasons why this type of search is beneficial.

You can also use a reverse search in the online phone book to find out if a spouse is cheating. If you keep finding the same unknown phone number on your spouse’s cell phone, reverse search to find out who that person who’s always calling is.

To use the reverse number search, you only need a computer with Internet access.

There are numerous websites today that offer this service. These pages build large directories with information about all phone numbers that you can then search.

By using these databases, you may be lucky enough to discover complete information about the owner of any phone number or mobile number. This works best when it is a landline connection, as cell phone numbers are often not included.

If you do a reverse search on a specialized phone book website, you will sometimes find the address as well as the name of the person. This search can provide much more information about the individual and, possibly, explain the reason for the call.

The details that can be found out by someone’s cell phone number alone are often extraordinary. This type of tool can come in handy in many different cases.

3. Ask the telephone information

Call your directory assistance service to see if they can give you information about a number. Let them know that you want to find out who the caller is. Give them the phone number and see if any information has been shared by the attendee.

4. Make a test call from a public line

Find a public phone and call the mysterious number. This way you can hear who is answering on the other end of the phone. When you are directed to voicemail, listen carefully to the message to see if you can recognize the voice.

It is not advisable to display your own number for this test call.

5. Activate the number withheld on your cell phone

If you do not want to call from a public set, block the transmission of your own phone number before making investigative calls.

Usually, you dial * 31 # before dialing the phone number without identifying yourself. The exact procedure depends on your telephone provider or mobile phone. Just try it out by first calling yourself with this key combination and seeing whether a number is displayed.

You can also ask someone else to speak on the phone and ask who is on the other end. You can also simply say that you dialed the wrong phone number. Be careful when calling, otherwise, you can inadvertently reveal your identity.

6. Call the mailbox directly at a cell phone number

Did you know that you can call the smartphone mailbox directly from a mobile phone number? If you are lucky, it will be discussed with a name and you will then know who the caller is.

To dial the cell phone’s mailbox directly, you must dial a two-digit number after the area code.

Depending on the network provider, this is a different number. According to the current status, this combination of numbers is currently:

  • Vodafone -50
  • T-Mobile -13
  • O2 -33

For example, if the number of the connection is 0172 123456789, you can reach the mailbox at 0172 50 123456789.

7. Hire a private investigator

This option costs money and is therefore only suitable if you fear adultery. If you suspect that the unknown person who called may have a relationship with your husband or wife, it is worth considering this possibility of an investigation.

If the search in the search engines or the reverse search for the number has been unsuccessful and the test call is too risky or impossible for you, you can still solve the secret of who called. Use a private detective to do this.

A detective does a different job than you do and knows how he can sometimes find out the address behind the number. However, even a detective agency cannot do magic. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to determine who called. Not every number can be traced.

In general, the use of a detective agency is more discreet for you because your own identity is protected. The private investigator then tries the best options to identify the unknown caller.

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