Few Easy Ways: How To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen With Toothpaste

At present, there are many kinds of smartphones. Starting from the cheap price to the expensive price.

Starting from the standard features to the fierce specifications. However, there is one thing that will always be on every smartphone, the screen.

At present, the development of the screen on a smartphone is increasingly sophisticated.

Now, the smartphone has begun to trend with a screen that has a “bangs” on it as well as a screen that is also embedded with a fingerprint sensor.

But over time, you may come across scratches on your smartphone.

The cause of these scratches can vary, ranging from accidentally scratched something rather rough, scratched the keys of the motor/car when entering the smartphone into a pocket, or other things that can not be predicted by us.

Scratches will be even more obvious if the material from your HP casing is plastic.

If there is an “odd” thing on a smartphone, you might feel like you are in a panic. So, you will immediately find out how to remove scratches on your cellphone.

Well, maybe the article that you are reading is one of the search results.

In this article, we will provide information about how to remove scratches on cellphones.

The ways that we will discuss this time are somewhat the same as how to remove the abrasion casing that we discussed earlier on this site.

How to Fix a Broken Touch Screen

1. If your screen breaks and a long line comes out on your android screen and it can’t work anymore, then you should try to flash or reset your android smartphone.

2. If you have done the flash but your screen still cannot be used, then the only way is you have to replace your smartphone’s LCD screen with a new one according to the type of your smartphone.

Thus a brief tutorial on how to repair a broken or cracked HP touch screen LCD. Instead of replacing with a new cellphone, you should try to repair the screen yourself. If that doesn’t work, you should try to replace your smartphone’s LCD screen. If you are reluctant, then you can buy a new smartphone.

How to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste

The first ingredient that you can use to remove scratches on your cellphone is toothpaste or toothpaste.

This material is the same as how to clean the yellowing white HP casing. Oh yeah, make sure the toothpaste used is not made from gel. Here are the steps:

  • The first step, apply a little toothpaste on a clean cloth.
  • Then, wipe the cloth on the part of the HP that has a scratch slowly. The direction to rub it must be circular.
  • If the scratches are gone, clean the remaining toothpaste with a clean cloth that is not exposed to toothpaste.

Because experiencing direct contact with our hands, the screen becomes part of a smartphone that is easily problematic. Whether it’s dead pixels, unresponsive, or even scratched.

Of all the smartphone screen issues, a scratched screen is the most nosy. He said the smartphone screen is scratched can be overcome with toothpaste.

But, is it true that toothpaste removes smartphone scratches? Come on, see the review of these myths together.

Toothpaste Eliminates Smartphone Scratches

The myth of Toothpaste Eliminate Scratches On Screen
Scratches on the smartphone screen are usually caused by coins or keys when the smartphone is stored in a pants pocket or bag. Reporting from various sources, it turns out the function of toothpaste to remove scratches on the smartphone screen is just MYTH.

Toothpaste Evidence Eliminates Screen Scratches Only a Myth

The first evidence was obtained from an experiment conducted by Brightside.

When applying toothpaste (not gel) to a smartphone screen that is scratched, then cleaned; apparently the scratches did not disappear.

But even more increasingly visible scratches.

Besides Brightside, a similar experiment was also carried out by CNet. When a scratched screen (main screen, not an additional scratch resistant coating) is coated and cleaned using toothpaste, the scratches don’t disappear; but it only adds another stroke that makes it clearer.

However, when toothpaste is used to remove scratches in the plastic scratch-resistant coating that protects the screen, it is proven that the scratches are reduced.

Not just the screen, scratches on the smartphone casing made of plastic are also effective with reduced toothpaste.

So in conclusion, toothpaste is not effective for removing scratches that are directly on the smartphone screen.

But this way you can try to reduce scratches on the screen’s scratch-resistant layer made of plastic.

Good luck!

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