Few Easy Tips: How To Improve My Handwriting

Handwriting plays a rather important role in professional life and can reduce the chances of success if it is far from perfect. So if you are interested in the question ” How to improve handwriting? “, This article is for you.

How to improve handwriting:

1. Analysis

There are only two options when you feel uncomfortable with your handwriting: whether it is illegible or bad. The Handwriting Improvement Technique is the same, even though they have their own subtleties.

First, you need to analyze all the nuances of your handwriting and identify the main problems of handwriting. Take a piece of paper and write five sentences. If nothing comes to mind, you can rewrite quotes from books or newspapers.

Need to pay attention:

  • Paper with lines

    Finished lines on sheets can help you write text, size, and proportion of letters correctly. Your lowercase “a” must be half the capital of “A”. Don’t forget to fill in the markup completely. Uppercase letters extend from the bottom line to the top. Lines will also help you write lines evenly without moving up or down. When you don’t have a piece of paper marked, for example, when making a poster, you can use a ruler and draw your own markup in pencil.

  • Write Attention

    If you find it difficult to write quickly and have a lot of blemishes on the text, try to slow down the writing speed a bit. When in a hurry, it is difficult to control punctuation and hyphenation, in the end, many errors and crossed out are obtained.

  • Relieve pressure

    Some people press hard when writing. This makes it difficult to make the fine lines needed to write. Try to be calm, don’t press the pencil hard, if not, you have to sharpen it often.

If you find all the flaws in your handwriting, then the second step must be taken: find the standard of handwriting.   Here you need to remember your goals. If the main problem of your handwriting cannot be read, then you need to look for it can be read standard. For me, for example, the most readable handwriting is my teacher’s handwriting in elementary school. And if your handwriting looks bad to you – look at a site dedicated to calligraphy and find one that seems right for you.

2. Techniques to Improve Handwriting

After analysis, you can proceed to the appropriate exercise.

  • Take itThe pen or pencil should be held between your thumb, index finger and middle finger (not necessarily the middle finger, maybe ring finger and pinkie). Holding too tight or weak grip also affects the quality of the writing to be worse.
  • Basic element  Basically, handwriting consists of a circle or half circle and a straight line. Practicing these elements will really help you improve your handwriting. For unreadable handwriting, I suggest using a regular recipe for elementary school. And for those who have found perfect handwriting on the calligraphy website, they need to independently identify the main elements in it and practice it as in the copy books. Also, don’t forget to buy a special notebook with a tendency.
  • The alphabet  After training the basic elements, you must train each alphabet letter. In the register, they pay attention to this, and in other cases, it is important to find the handwritten alphabet that you like and also bring the spelling of letters to automatism.
  • Writing instrument  Use various types: markers, brushes, soft and hard pencils, capillary pens or pens. Look for the writing that is most comfortable for you.

Handwriting Exercise

  • Take old newspapers and divide them into sheets. Shake each sheet with one hand.
  • Make a piece of polymer clay or plasticine. Make small pieces with your right hand. Then blind the triangle with your thumb, index finger and middle finger, and roll each part again into a small ball.
  • Lift the tennis ball with your fingers from the floor to the thigh (on the leg) and also lower it down.

Why Need to improve my handwriting

1. Improve learning ability
Taking notes using a laptop is faster to finish, however, taking notes by hand can make you remember more of the lessons you get.
A study has shown that students who write notes by hand understand a lesson faster than those who type it on a laptop or device.
2. Improve brainpower
When you write by hand, your motor skills are forced to work. And that connects the nerves in the brain called the ‘reading trajectory’.
3. Calm nervousness
Graphologist and handwriting expert, Dr. Marc Seifer said, “Writing sentences, like ‘my life will be more peaceful’ at least 20 times a day can be good for the psychology of people, especially those who have less attention disorder.
That’s because writing can calm your brain and should be done at night. Writing can also make you more focused, which naturally releases distractions from your brain.
4. Slows the aging of the mind
One other advantage is that it can help you retain your memory, even though you are getting older. Getting used to writing by hand can also flex the brain so that it keeps your mind sharp.
5. Stimulate creativity
Writing requires extra energy and thought than typing, it’s good for stimulating your creativity. People who write their hands also have their own ‘fonts’, and none of them are the same.
8. Practice better calorie skills
There is research that reveals, students who write essays by handwrite more than typing faster to make sentences more complete and directed.
9. Improve memory
Maybe you have already experienced this when in school where when you take notes, the information will be stuck in your memory for longer. Many researchers also confirmed this. People who write with paper and pens have more cognitive abilities than those who write in front of a laptop or computer for example.
10. Assist academic performance
Research has proven that there is a correlation between good handwriting with improved academic performance in the field of reading and writing.

Last Word:

Don’t hesitate to experiment with various paper positions. Holding the notebook at a certain angle can significantly improve handwriting.

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