How to increase your Adsense CPC

The internet has become one of the things that cannot be separated from the elements of people’s lives. Today the internet has become a place to do anything. Communicate, find information, and also seek income for daily needs. Is a multi-functional platform that provides various facilities for internet users.

In this day and age, money is crucial to maintaining daily life. The community finally uses the internet, as an element that is very close to human life, to help find income. One way to get income is through AdSense. Adsense is an advertising collaboration on the internet that collaborates with Google so that through this advertisement you will get money.

In Adsense ads, you don’t immediately get money. There are several terms and conditions that are seen to determine your income. One way is to count every click that gets on the ad. Usually, we call it Adsense CPC or that has an extension (cost per click).

Of course, no one does not want to get large amounts of income. If you are in the world of AdSense, you must be able to understand how to increase your CPC. Here are some ways and tips to increase the amount of CPC on your AdSense

Tips for Increasing CPC on Adsense

1. Playing a Niche Blog with a High CPC

For those of you who do not know the good, is one type of blog that is considered the most profitable for the owners of Google AdSense. This is because the niche you are discussing will determine the ads that will eventually appear. Therefore, in the google AdSense game, you must determine the niche blog that has a high CPC. CPC stands for cost per click or the same as the Adsense CPC.

2. Create a Blog or Site that Has One Niche

Why is one niche (keyword) better than a multi-niche? This is because, in one niche blog, more ad offers will come. But developing a blog with one niche will be more difficult than developing a multi-niche blog. But this will increase your skills to manage your blog and content.

Blog one niche is also considered more profitable. Because this blog will get direct traffic, users will see ads that match their interests in the blog or site. So the possibility of clicking on ads will be greater because it suits their interests.

3. Only Show Ads from Adsense

Google AdSense uses CPC to determine your income. Therefore it is recommended that you only display Google AdSense on your site and blog. This is to avoid the presence of visitors who are not focused on google AdSense. Things like this also usually reduce the level of CPC obtained by google AdSense.

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4. Place Adsense Ads Strategically

Of course, as a blog owner and site owner, you have to know exactly where to put your ad so that it can be reached or clicked on by visitors. The owner must know where the strategic places are on their website or blog. Some examples of strategic areas that can be used are placing ads at the beginning of the post as well as the end of your blog or web post.

This will allow visitors to see advertisements. And increase the possibility of visits or click on these ads. Advertising must be able to directly target the attention of your web visitors. This is so that your AdSense CPC can increase.

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