How to Make Money from Your Blog

How to Make Money from Blog. There are some amazing and rich blogger success stories from starting a blog or monetize blog term. An example is Peter Cashmore, founder of the Mashable blog which earns about $ 7.5 million per year and Michael Arrington with the TechCrunch blog can generate about $ 10 million per year.

Of course, many bloggers are successful and there are also millions of other bloggers who earn small incomes and some even fall before getting any money from the blog. But you do not worry about being part of the people who fail in the blogging world if you have a strong intention, hard work and also know how to start a blog to make money in the future. Because the two bloggers also become rich from bloggers not because of coincidence or because of luck alone,

make money from blogs

It does not matter how you start blogging, because everyone has many different ways to make money from his blog. But here I will give a little knowledge for you what you should know before you start cashing your blog. The first step is to decide what your boundaries are.

  • Do you want to show ads on your blog?
  • What types of ads will you receive?
  • What types of ads would you disallow on your blog?
  • What percentage of your ads have on the content you want?

Be careful, because if blog visitors and search engines view your blog as spam, you will be kicked off by search engines like google, the worst thing that will override is your blog will be de-indexed or unlisted from haisl search engines.

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Before I discuss how to make money from blogs, you should first know what you need to build your blog to achieve success in the world of blogging:


There are three important things you need to prepare before starting making money through blogs. Of course in this section, you can choose to use the free way or by spending a little of your money. I would rather advise you to choose a paid way to generate more revenue and as a trigger in the spirit of blogging.


How to Install WordPress

To build a blog you should use a platform that is guaranteed quality and excellence that is WordPress and try not or WordPress free, if you are serious in the world of blogging should choose a qualified platform that can do many things for your long-term blog. By using WordPress of course you will have the flexibility in the development of your blog, different from if you use Blogspot or which has very limited development in accordance with your wishes.



bluehost hosting

After the above point, you need to determine the domain name suitable for your business, the domain name will be the brand of your business so specify well in advance so as not to regret in the future. In addition to the domain, you must choose the best hosting for the smoothness of your site when it is online later. The domain you can buy when you rent hosting, every hosting service of course also provides a domain for you. Many hosting providers give you free domains in the first year, the best hosting I recommend for your business is SitegroundBluehost or iPage.



To make your blog look professional and SEO friendly use the theme with a design that suits the needs of the business that you will run in blogging. WordPress provides many free themes for you to use, although many free WordPress themes already have good design and also SEO friendly, even if you want to search patiently and thoroughly will find free WordPress themes with features like those of premium WordPress themes. You can get free WordPress themes here. Or if you feel less satisfied and need support and you have little money to buy the theme, then I suggest to buy a theme in place that is no doubt that mythemeshop, I have reviewed many themes that you can use to build successful blogs for various needs, please check through the link below.



Below are some ways you can do to make money from your blog. Actually there are many other ways that you can apply but here I just give some of the easiest and you can run when the age of your blog is new. And to maximize your income from blogs is certainly still needed hard work and time that is not for a moment. Continue to create useful articles for more and more visitors over time, because the success of the blog is very influential on the number of visitors.


If your blog still does not have good traffic, then most likely advertisers will not be interested in placing ads on your site. So, build your site patiently and consistently until your blog gets enough traffic, so you can offer several types of ads directly on your site, here are some types of direct advertising that you can offer so your blog can make money.

  • Banner ads
  • Text ads
  • Articles as advertisements
  • Reviews

When you want to receive ads and place ads on your blog, make sure first that the ad is interesting, useful and you are also interested in the ad to be placed on your site. Remember that you have a responsibility for your readers to provide them with the best information and that includes ads posted on your site. Do not just because your money receives all types of ads without regard to the content of these ads. Because it will adversely affect the image of blogs that have been laborious you wake up.


The advantage of being an affiliate is that you do not have to create products to offer on your blog. You just need to sell other people’s products and you earn commissions from every sale of products sold through your site, and this is also one of the ways I use to make money from blogs. However, keep in mind, you must choose a product that has good quality, do not offer low quality products or things that your readers will become dissatisfied with the product. A bad product will risk losing the reader forever and possibly damage your reputation.

As Tom Crawford says An experienced Freelance Blogger:

“Never promote a product unless you have personally used it and would be proud to have your name associated with that product.”

Words from Tom Crawford is a very good suggestion. Before you promote something, then try. Make sure it’s worth and worth promoting.

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Adsense is the most commonly used by bloggers in making money from blogs. But there are a few things to keep in mind with AdSense:

  • Google is very strict about AdSense policies. AdSense is 1/3 of Google’s revenue, so they will not place their ad on your blog if it violates their rules. You may lose your AdSense account if you try to break the rule.
  • No more than three ads per page. This is good for you too, as it will keep your site from ads scattered on your site, and people will be lazy to see your site.
  • You must create quality content to attract readers.
  • You will need a lot of readers to make money and readers need to see and click on your AdSense ads.

Google continues to make changes to their algorithms and this can have an impact on site traffic and of course AdSense revenue. Back in 2012, Google launched an algorithm called Panda. Some sites that generate thousands of dollars per month suddenly dropped dramatically from Google AdSense. In addition, many sites are down because of the impact of the algorithm.

Google performs such algorithm updates aimed at destroying sites that contain non-qualified content. So the best solution to avoid it is to create quality and useful content for people.


Another way you can make money with product reviews or can be called a paid reviews. With a paid review, the company sends the product for you to try and sometimes pay you too. You then provide an honest review of the product and post it on your site. Some things you need to know before earning money from product reviews:

  • Do not accept a bad product review, because otherwise, it will mislead your visitors, it will also damage your reputation.
  • Tell the reader that you are paid to review the product. So readers know that you are also responsible for what you offer on your site, and it is an honest review.
  • Provide information on your site that you receive advertisements to review products. Let the advertisers know that you received the advertisement in the form of a review, so you earn money from it.


As I mentioned above, developing multiple streams of income is one of the smartest things you can do as a blogger. If one of these types of income dries up or is quiet, you will have another income still flowing. The ideas above will help you get started to make money from blogs. A blog can also serve as a platform for starting a career or consulting business.

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