How to Make Money From YouTube 2018 [YouTube Money Making Guideline]

To be able to make money from YouTube it is certain we are required to have a video that we upload to YouTube. Please for those of you who have not read the first part read the opening article ” How to Get Money from YouTube ” Maybe many will say like this when we talk to make a video.

  • I can not use the camera
  • I can not edit the video
  • I find it very difficult to find video ideas, Etc

How to Make Money From YouTube?

Each YouTube channel can load thousands of videos that we can upload for free, you just need to spend the cost of internet to upload it. Well, where do we get money from every video we will and have uploaded this?

Still remember the time we first saw the movie the Doel Anak Betawi, Knight Rider and MacGyver? When we are again cool – cool watching suddenly there are ads that appear in the middle of the film. When the ads appear to us as spectators whether to be paid when viewing the TV show?

Are we in order to pay when we watch the movie or the ad that is playing it?

Not even where

Where does the TV station get the money to pay for its employees and its television broadcasts? The answer is from every advertisement posted on their television station. ( very expensive you pay advertising on TV )

Well on YouTube Adsense also the same, we will get money from YouTube when there are viewers who watch our video, when the audience is watching our video on YouTube later there will be ads that appear on our video. We will get the money ( commission ) from the ad. ( but can not commission as much as advertising on TV )

Google Adsense – YouTube Adsense

Because we want to make money from YouTube ( Google Adsense ), especially YouTube Adsense then we have to build our personal TV station first. Do not be surprised when you read the writing we will build a TV station yes because we will not build a real TV Station that requires big funds. We will build our TV station ( channel TV ) on YouTube.

If we see television on television there are so many TV channels, there are STV, History, Discovery, and others. On YouTube also like that, we will also be able to create such TV channels. Try now.

If that’s the reason and your obstacles I want to say that we can handle that because to make money from YouTube we do not need a video recording like a TV station or soap opera on TV, we also will not shoot video like we want to make Movies widescreen. (if you want to make a serious video like that too, it would be better to attract visitors)

You can make videos using HP, your Pocket Camera or your Screen Monitor using programs like CamStudio, Camtasia, Wondershare Filmora and many more.

Youtube Video

If we talk about this video we are talking about moving pictures. So the video is a set of moving images that are moved at high speed which then becomes a moving picture or what we call the Video. The word Video itself comes from the Latin word meaning “I See”.

We can see videos on Television, HP, Bioskp, and Internet. In addition to created from a set of moving video images can also be made from several images that we united then we move by using software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, or use other video creator program even Nero also we can use to create a video.

Examples of videos created from multiple motion driven images are:

  1. Cartoon Movies. Cartoon films we watch a lot since childhood When we watch cartoons we are actually looking at a set of images that are driven at high speed.
  2. Video SlideShow. Video Slideshow we see on prewedding videos (in addition to Video prewedding other videos also exist ) in this video there are some photos that are arranged in a certain order and then moved or given motion ( animation ) into a video Beautiful and telling stories.

So to make a video, we do not have to bother recording video if our funds are limited or for other reasons We can use this method to make videos and still be able to make money from YouTube.

We Do not Need to Search Advertisers for Our Videos

In YouTube Adsense, we will not look for people who want to advertise in our video ( our channel ) we do not need to do such a thing. We just need to focus on making good videos, which attract viewers, Because we will work with Google companies, the Google Adsense ( third party ) who will help us as a publisher with an advertiser. I can say Google is an advertising broker.

So later the advertiser will put an ad on Google Adsense at a cost of Rp.1.500 per view ( this is just as an example only ). We already have videos on YouTube and have become Publisher ( must register first ). When someone watches a video that we upload to YouTube we will get a commission from each ads watched by people. How big is the commission? It is definitely under Rp.1.500, the advertiser to pay Rp.1.500 for advertising costs to Google and the Google Adsense will eventually pay us a percentage. So I guess no after you read my explanation you can better understand how we can earn money from YouTube Adsense.

AdMob – Blogger – YouTube

Why in this guide ( article ) do I want to focus you on YouTube Adsense? Actually,y there is no reason, I just want to share information only to you all. Incidentally,y we all love to open YouTube so why do not we take advantage of YouTube to be an additional source of income or even a source of our main income like me.

Actually, there are so many ways we can make money from the Internet, in Adsense, there are several ways we can earn passive income by becoming a publisher YouTube Adsense.

  • Blogger: As you are doing now you are visiting my personal website and reading this article. Inside this website there are some ads from Google Adsense that I place and appear in every article I make, I earn money from there too ( blogger ) if you want you can also be a blogger like me this ( remember I’m still very newbie not a master ). So our work every day will be to write and publish articles on our website. ( Traffic website must be high if you want no income ).
  • AdMob: This AdMob is an app we normally see on our HP. For example WhatsApp, Line, Instagram etc. There are usually some apps that like to show ads in their apps instead? Well, they got money from the ads that aired it.
  • YouTube: You will work on making videos. Every video you upload will be fitted with Google Adsense ads. You will get a commission from Adsense later.

If you are able to master it all you can do all that to make money from Adsense. I personally only mastered two, namely Blogger and also YouTube. I actually prefer YouTube because I do not necessarily have to do SEO like I do SEO for my AdSense website.

So by following the YouTube Adsense program we no longer need to learn more about

  • SEO ( not that we do not implement SEO, we will still use a more simple SEO )
  • No need to create backlinks ( link building )
  • Traffic is more easier.
  • We just focus on making videos only
  • No need to buy Hosting and Domains. Since we will be using a YouTube host ( YouTube Hosted Account )

To become a YouTube Adsense we must follow all applicable rules, be it the rules of YouTube itself and also from Adsense. Therefore I strongly encourage you to read all the rules. Believe you will never lose to read it – Your account will be safe and may be protected from danger in Google banned.

The Key to Success in Adsense

In doing business on Google Adsense we must avoid the name:

  1. Plagiarism – avoid content – copyrighted content
  2. Read Google Adsense Rules
  3. Keep the Spirit, Never Give Up if you get banned.
  4. Keep regularly creating new content.

I think the first thing we will discuss How to Make Money From YouTube Part One, we will continue the discussion of How To Make Money From YouTube second part in the next article, if this article is in the sense of very useful for you, please help share to your social media account, to keep my spirit in creating new, quality content so that you and others who are looking for information like this can learn without having to take a paid course.

In doing business on YouTube Adsense you should focus on your original goals. In fact, the focus in learning and running a business is not only applicable to YouTube Adsense but also applies to other businesses, “Focus” is the key to success in doing anything.

When you start deciding to run an Adsense business, you must be SERIOUS, FOCUS and PLEASE. While you initially saw no revenue generated from your YouTube Adsense account, never stop, trust me if you are serious and serious you will generate it even if it’s just $ 0.01.

Focus – Do not Be Tempted to Move to Another Heart

I noticed a lot of people ( just over the internet ) if anyone shares their monthly earnings screenshot with FANTASTIC numbers many are tempted to learn about it and dabble, while the YouTube Adsense business has just started running it for a month. There are people who share their income from the dropship, he tries to learn dropship and become a dropship, there is a share of income from affiliate he also learns and become an affiliate. How could such a person be successful? The lesson that one he has not mastered and produces has moved to another’s heart?

Believe all the business can produce .

I personally now only focus on Google Adsense and YouTube Adsense and Affiliate only. I have not worked in an office since I was discharged ( unemployed ) from the office where I work, in fact, I like to work there although the salary is very small ( who want to work in Bali think about it because salary in Bali is very small compared to Jakarta, unless you open your own business in Bali different results ). But from there I finally got to know about this online business with an income that I can say beat my boss’s salary. ( could be so, could be my salary still under it a little in a month )

I love being able to work like this because I do not need more hours and I can also take care of my Child from morning until my mother’s work time home. ( because his mum was working in the office – knowing his job was unemployed for 9 years – no one wanted to accept work – Are the readers of this blog anyone would accept my work? ). In running a YouTube Adsense business, I only need about 1 hour to upload a video to YouTube if the video is finished. Meanwhile, to make the video content can be 2-4 hours and even for days as well ( depending on the video to be created ).

I always work on a day to always upload one video if not possible sometimes in one week one video even one month one time only, it does not become the most important problem we keep working and continue to make the video content although not every day upload. I am always convinced ” Focus, Perseverance, and honesty will certainly work if we apply in any work “.

Staying Excited Although:

  1. There are ugly comments dropping
  2. Your earnings are only $ 1 ( this will continue to grow, just wait for the time )
  3. Do not ever be tempted to see other people’s earnings to learn the new business, make it a mere spirit that you can also produce. Stay focused until you actually generate from YouTube Adsense. Trust us YouTube Adsense we can make the main source of income and made our permanent job. Do not you want to work in Google and YouTube offices even from home? I AM PROUD! Me if the worker asked where mas? I always answer this, ” I work for Google and YouTube”.
  4. There is a mistake who says the way we research is wrong if only using Keyword Planner and Traffic Travis only or how we make money slow if using this way that the core of this Mastah wants to make us DOWN, do not take heart and listen, consider the wind then. If you’ve seen the $ 1 figure in your Adsense Account, that’s a sign you’ve been successful, nothing wrong, there’s just a way to improve your work and tricks only. ( never use blackhat way )

Create and Find Videos That Can Produce .

You are free to choose the theme of the video you want to create. Of course, to be able to produce on YouTube Adsense in one YouTube channel we must first fill with 100 – 300 videos. Once you already have that much video you can watch your channel’s progress. See if the number of views has reached 10,000? if yes, you can enable monetization on every video you have uploaded so you can start making money.

Is it necessary to upload that much video first so that our video can appear ads? The answer should not be, if you only have 20 videos and viewnya already reached 10,000 then your video can already display ads and start making money. For example one of the channels I recently created a channel , my new uploaded video contained 20 videos only, but the view could reach 10,000 ( at the time this article was created ).

10000 view youtube

Why upload videos that much?

The answer is because you want to make money from YouTube, so if the number of videos you upload is very small then your income is also small ( Unless you are very famous and already have a lot of subscriber ). So if you can try to create a target for one video channel you created should generate $ 25 or more. If the channel you created already generates $ 30 on a regular basis each month, then you can pause to upload videos on that channel.

If the old days we can directly monetize each video we have uploaded even though the number of view not up to 10,000. But since April 6, 2017, YouTube began to tighten people who want to register YouTube Adsense.

Playing Number of Videos and Channels

There are some People who use this way, they play YouTube by having many channels by making a lot of gmail. The way it is, first they will create a new channel and upload the video to the channel as much as 100-300 Video  after they see the earnings there and reach the target they want say $ 30 / month then they will leave the channel and build channel. And so on ( free to create as many channels as possible ). So if you have 10 YouTube channels with each monthly channel of $ 30 then $ 30 x 10 channel = $ 300. ?

Now the question is what do you want to earn each month? Each person is different from his income target. The higher the target then the more will be the video that the person will upload and the YouTube channel will be created. ( most of which play in Quantity they will make lots of channels and they will make video slideshow ).

Create a Qualified Video (Quality content)

There is little difference Between creating as many channels as possible then uploading the video as much as possible by making a Video of quality content ( content is made serious ). For seriously-made video content, this person usually has only one or two channels built. But the content is seriously and more interesting.

Where as in my opinion those who play quantity usually content made in a hurry. They are only concerned with the amount of video and money generated. They pay little attention to other important aspects.

As I’ve said above, those who play with quality video ( quality content ) typically only use one or two managed channels. The number of uploaded videos is also not as fast and as much as those who play quantity and reupload. But their audience is usually very much. Examples such as: Agung Hapsah, Family El, Raditya Dika, Arab and so on.

It’s just that when we play with quality content it takes more patience to be like the people I mentioned above. Because to attract the interest of people who watch is not easy. In some cases sometimes some people are easy to do.

Avoid Using Copyrighted Content

If I remember correctly in the previous article or in the previous video I mentioned it ( if it does not mean my senility is getting worse ). I noticed in the forums, Facebook groups a lot of friends who vent about their experience tripping this problem and finally banned.

  • Music: So we can safely play YouTube try to avoid using music that is copyrighted, just use music that is free for us to use ( free copyright ).
  • Image: The use of images in vain is also very dangerous to us. So try not to look for images in Google Image. Use and search for images that we can use on YouTube and our website. There are many sites that we can visit to get a free copyright image. Oh yes, the picture I’m referring here is not just a picture of the picture but also the image in the form of moving video.
  • Backsound: When you want to record a video make sure that you are not playing music or other music around. If when we record a video there is a voice incoming music accidentally recorded by us, this could endanger our videos and accounts, we can be reprimanded or subject to copyright cases by YouTube.

Themes – How They Play YouTube

Perhaps many of us are still a lot of dizzy with the problem of the theme of making a video what ya later can produce. Do not be too concerned about the theme of the video what we want to make, whatever theme of the video you make can and will produce if done diligently and seriously. ( although the results will indeed vary ). Indeed, if we think well what theme will bring the most audience the result will also be much better.

Start from what you can and do. I personally do not have the skills to work. Everything is half-way with all the limitations that I have, in making the video I do not want to bother with all sorts of complexities ranging from the use of motion-motion that will be used in video, lens, camera and how to take video. I start from the simplest and the only thing I can do.

Many people playing YouTube Adsense made a video about :

  • Latest News Videos: Most who make videos like this are not complicated, they just need a computer monitor screen recorder and start recording TV newscasts through their computer. Once done they record them uploading to YouTube.

I think is good is the content of the news will be the same, we just preach it with our voice ( someone else’s voice or robot voice can also ) then the pictures we can move into a video slideshow.

Better if today’s news we cover from the results of our own video recordings, only if you use this method could be a time you need will be a lot and cost to make the video also become high, because there will be transport costs.

  • Our Life: We can also make a YouTube video about our lives for example, today we want to eat what, where and where doing any activity. Can also about:
  1. Around the office
  2. School
  3. Campus
  4. Family
  5. Tour
  6. Cook
  7. Camper
  8. Spiritual
  9. Activities with our close friends etc.
  • Products: We can make a video about:
  1. Latest product reviews (HP, Car, Motor, Computer etc)
  2. When you’re shopping. You can create a video like this, to make the video also very easy.
  3. New Product Information ( can be any examples of new software etc )

Languages Used In Video

When we want to make a video specify also we want to use what language? There are so many languages we can use. Indeed if we use English we can attract all kinds of audiences from any country because English is an international language, in addition to using the English language we not only target people from the USA alone, but from other countries that use English , so our income will also be greater than we use our mother tongue.

  • Main Game Video

Who does not like a Game play? I think from kids to parents all play games. You can use your game play hobby into a field to make money from YouTube. Of course, we have to install games on our computer and record our monitor screen using monitor screen recording software. Later I will explain more in this section in the next article that discusses what software I use.

  • Main Natural And Safe Only

Many people who want to get to the top quickly, they do not care about how, as important as they get to the top and enjoy the results. Eat a lot of people who use evil tricks while playing YouTube Adsense. I want to remind you, why do you want to jump into this YouTube Adsense business? To find work is not it? You want a job you can do anywhere instead? If that’s your answer then you should do this job in a good and right way.

  1. Manual and periodic video uploads ( do not use any software )
  2. Make a video manual do not use robots or use reupload way by taking video of others. Appreciate the hard work and creativity of those who made the video.

Create a Target Income For Each Channel

If you play in quantity make sure to create a target income for each channel you build. For example, each channel that has earned $ 25- $ 30 can you leave for the video channel a while, and then what you will do next is build a new channel. Remember yes this does not mean our first channel is forgotten, we will still upload the video once in a while to a stable channel account with $ 30 monthly income. For the private life theme channel, you can continue to create quality content and upload videos to it. For this one it takes patience because each person is different, there is an easy to attract the audience or anyone else is difficult to attract the audience.

Believe that all the videos you create will also result in you if you work diligently, hard work, patient and honest. All these things should not be separated if we want to succeed on YouTube Adsense and Google Adsense.

Ok, the discussion got here first, because the article in my opinion is too long yes, we will continue in the next article that will discuss about any Software that I use to work and run this YouTube Adsense business.

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