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Make Money with Games – From Hobby to Income!

Games are actually available everywhere. Nowadays you can play them on your phone, your computer, and in some cases even on your watch. Game enthusiasts no longer have to hide in their mother’s cellar; if they want, they could even provide their daily dose of games at the tip of the Eiffel Tower.

A lot of money is therefore involved in the games industry. Designers, manufacturers, and distributors earn money with games. In this article, you will read more about how and in what ways exactly money can be earned by (playing) the games. And more importantly: how you can convert your own gaming as a hobby into making money with playing games!

Earn money with games: how do you do that?

Roughly speaking, there are 3 types of ways to make money from games:

  • Designing games
  • Offer games
  • Playing games

In fact, there is money to be made in every process that games basically go through.

Make money from designing games

Designing games are not for everyone. But are you pretty smart with computers, are you creative, and you have a good nose for what will appeal to game lovers, it can certainly be an option for you. An advantage of today’s games is that you can mainly focus on creating an app, instead of a complicated computer game.

If you have already trained yourself so much in the field of computers (and apps), you may already be able to do it yourself, just by designing a game from your lazy chair.

But in general, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree if you want to pursue a career as a game designer. Think of diplomas in the field of computer graphics or animation.

Although it may be an advantage to have artistic skills and talent, people who lack this can compensate for this by developing robust technical and computer skills – which are often valued even more by employers.

Conversely, someone with less strong computer skills can compensate with demonstrable artistic talent.

The result of the balance between computer skills and creativity tips

For becoming a game maker:

  • Focus on small games. These are relatively easier to make.
  • If you’re less comfortable with creating apps, use an app maker to configure your app to precision. This is more expensive, but if you can not make an app yourself, you have to do something.
  • To think of a game is more your thing than the actual conversion of an idea to an effect, go to a third party with your game concept. They can then work out your idea in the form of a game. Remember that this is certainly not a cheap option!
    • Ad revenue: In many games, you see annoying ads. Depending on how much your app is used and how often the ads are clicked, you will receive an amount from the ads. This can easily increase in popular games.
    • Additional parts: Most games have options to purchase extra parts. For example, do you want extra hints in the logo quiz? Then you will have to pay for this and that money is for you!
    • Paid version: In order to earn money with your game, you also make a paid version in addition to the free version. There will then no longer be advertisements, and possibly also extra possibilities. If your game is fun enough, people are likely to pay to stop seeing those annoying ads.If you then want to earn money with your game, you roughly have the choice of 3 options:

Qualities that are desirable / needed as a game designer:

  • Artistic talent
  • Written communication skills
  • Computer skills
  • Creativity
  • Time management skills


Making money from offering games

Do you see it as, for example, becoming a provider of video games? It is certainly not a bad option if your computer skills do not reach beyond Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Or if you lose time and time again from your little nephew while bowling on the Wii.

As a game provider, you are more concerned with marketing and logistics.

But it still requires the necessary effort. If you do it well, you attract a circle of loyal and dedicated customers. And certainly due to the rise of the internet, as a provider, you can build up such a customer network much easier – even outside your own country borders. To achieve that, however, you must have a good view of the decision of your location, product, and clientele.

Step-by-step plan to become a supplier/distributor of games:

  • Submit an application for a (re) seller license or license, a business license and make your case known to the tax authorities. To do this, you can register yourself at the Chamber of Commerce. With this, you take the first step to converting your idea to a real company. From there you can profile yourself more and take further steps.
  • Think about where you are going to establish your business. Nowadays you have more freedom of choice; Instead of selling your games in physical stores, you can also choose to start a webshop – or both. It is important to note that in the case of physical stores you choose a strategic location (near schools, in a shopping center) and that your webshop is easy to find.
  • Contact wholesalers in video games. Send your contact information, including telephone numbers, name and e-mail address. Do not forget to also provide a copy of your sales permit and tax ID. This way you show these traders that you are ready for business
  • View the price lists (and discounts) and conditions of the wholesalers. Then put this in a row and compare them with each other. What is your best option in terms of budget, and under which conditions will you benefit the most?
  • Create an inventory and purchase your products. Consider which games you can best offer, which games the best suit the character of your company, and what is sensible in view of your budget. Then store the games with the wholesalers.
  • Present your products in your store. Think carefully about how you want to do this. After all, you have to make your offer attractive to your customers. An example can be by making a display of demos in a physical store, or by placing a list of ‘toppers’ on your webshop.


Or place an advertisement at the top of your webshop like this of your own products

Make money for playing games

Finally, you can also make money from the final playing of the designed and distributed games. As a true game fan, this is, of course, an excellent opportunity to make money from your favorite activity. How you do that, you can read in the following paragraphs.

Turn your hobby into your source of income

You can still hear your mother’s voice ringing through your head: ” Come out of that computer and go outside! ”. With a sigh and a groan, you had to pause your game and drag yourself to the park. Meanwhile, however, you thought again what your next move would be in the game you just played.

And now turns out to be the joke on you, Mom. That gaming was not that useless at all. You can actually earn a lot of money. That generation that grows up with PlayStations, Wii’s and Xboxen is not lazy and does not waste time, but has been secretly investing in its (own) future for years.

Option # 1: Internet games

Earn money by simply playing a game from your lazy chair – it’s really as easy as it sounds.

In fact, you do not even have to be enormously talented for it.

Examples of reliable and user-friendly (English-language) sites where you can earn money with online games are:

Game Show Network (GSN)

This site rewards you for playing online games. If you play a game through this site, you will receive a number of points, or ” oodles ”. At least 600,000 oodles have already been distributed to users as a reward for playing the games.

You can choose from more than 77 games with which you can try to earn money. GSN also offers you a complete guide with explanations and details on how you can earn money with the games.


games4On Zoombacks you have many options to earn money online (” Zoombucks ”). You can be paid in gift cards, PayPal, PlayStation or Xbox live codes, and game cards for many popular online games.


PlayAndWin offers you the chance to play many entertaining, free (!) Games. By playing you can win tokens that you can use to win different prizes.

In addition to collecting tokens and winning prizes, you can also participate in tournaments, win medals in the online games, and collect the many badges that are present in the challenges.


If you have quite some skills in the field of gaming, PaidGamePlayer is definitely the site for you. It offers you rewards for playing free games, which you can exchange later for different prizes.

You can also participate in tournaments – where you have to pay a small amount, less than a dollar. If you win the tournament, you can earn a considerable amount here.


CashDazzle gives you the chance to play many different games and offers continuous prizes and money.


Option # 2: Professional gaming

games6If someone makes a game like Halo or Call or Duty master, he/she could sometimes earn thousands of euros by participating in professional tournaments.

Not only that, they could even travel around the world doing something they really like.

America is number 1 when it comes to the location for professional gamers, but people from all over the world get involved in professional gaming. You do not have to be an American, the ‘only’ thing you have to do is learn how to play the game you are aiming at, and how you can perform better than the other players time after time.

And even if you decide not to participate in tournaments, you can still earn money from professional gaming. There are enough workplaces to find. For example, some of the largest design companies offer jobs to the most talented individuals.

Option # 3: Casino games

games7Playing games on slot machines is, of course, a bit different than playing games on a PlayStation. Yet both attract the same people. It is not surprising that gambling will never be a stable career choice, but you can certainly increase your chances of winning once you know how the devices work.

A fun fact: even some of the best gamblers in the world avoid the Blackjack tables. And that is very simple to explain: there is no machine involved. They know, however, that you can earn a lot of money with the vending machines, and even more importantly: how do you do that?

A day at the casino may seem like a complete waste of time and money, but nothing is less true if you know where you put the fork.

Option # 4: Testing games

During the development of games, several phases are completed. As soon as a game is almost complete, designers start looking for outsiders who can test the games with new eyes. As a game tester, your job is to test everything the game designer wants you to test. This includes finding and reporting on bugs and problems.

In principle, it is not very difficult to become a game tester, but you have to realize that it can be very mind-numbing work.

You also do not get paid much for it – perhaps just a little more than the minimum wage.

And unless you can score a position at a large game development company, you probably test the mobile games.

However, if you want to try it, you can look at services like BestReviewApp or PlaytestCloud. If you want to work for a company, you have to work harder to score a position. You really need to look within the vacancies, check with companies whether there are still vacancies, send application letters, and keep your fingers crossed.

Playfully make money – a nice combination!

games8Earn money with games: it sounds like the ultimate dream for many people! Because in this way you can combine something you really like to do with earning money. And who does not want that? Unfortunately, there are still a number of disadvantages associated with making money playing games.

Firstly, for example, it is not profitable for a long time if you think you might play games like Bejeweled or Minigolf online. The money you invest will ultimately not yield you more than a substantial amount. This is mainly because the providers set a number of conditions for playing the games.

Also, earning money by playing games in the casino is never without risk. You can certainly earn a living with it, for example, if you are extremely good at poker. Casinos, however, want to earn structural money, and they also impose a number of conditions that obstruct you in the (structural) money making of the games.

So if you are not a blueprint, this is not a sensible option.


For these reasons, playing games to earn money is not very advisable. Keep playing the games especially, but do it nicely for fun and relaxation after work. Making games can also be more lucrative. But of course, there are countless other possibilities for earning money. You can read about this in a good way below!

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