How to Overcome Ads Txt for Adsense on a WordPress Blog, Can Be Direct!

How to Overcome Ads Txt for Adsense on WordPress Blogs, Can Be Directly (Create and Activate) – Not long ago the blogger group on Facebook, viral WhatsApp regarding notifications from Adsense which is more or less like the following

Your income is risky – One or more of your sites don’t have the ads.txt file, fix this now so that it doesn’t have a negative impact on your income

Or …

Earnings at risk – one that doesn’t have an ads.txt file, Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue

The question that was asked a lot to me was, what exactly did it mean? Does it affect my AdSense income or not? Is it dangerous if you just leave it? Even though I once entered the ads.txt file, how come I was told by AdSense to make it again?

Ok, in the article this time we will discuss it thoroughly. We read first what is the actual ads.txt file? Well, here I recommend first for all bloggers to read the introductory sentence about AdSense ads.txt file for blogger and WordPress.

Google Adsense is an advertising media that is a subsidiary of Google, becoming a distributor between advertisers and publishers on the internet advertising.

The ads.txt file is an initiative created by the IAB Tech Lab to protect advertisers and publishers from seller fraud, fake clicks, and so on. This ads.txt indirectly makes the ads appear more optimal and the advertisers do not lose due to fake ad slots that might occur on the blog.

So in addition to bloggers, Ads.txt is also useful for advertisers so as not to be harmed by cheating in any form.

Well, then we will discuss how to make the ads.txt file on a WordPress blog?

The first way we will try to make the ads.txt file for our WordPress blog by uploading the txt file to Cpanel. But if you want to make it easier the second way is by using a plugin that can be downloaded for free on WordPress.

2 Ways to Overcome Notification of Txt File Ads on Adsense (Creating and Activating)

# 1 How to Make ads.txt File for Adsense (Upload to Cpanel)

  • First, right-click on the desktop then select New → Text Document to start creating the ads.txt file
The First Step to Create a TXT Document for adsense code
Creating a new Document Document txt file
  • Then give the name to ads only without adding txt behind it because the format of the text document is already txt. So later the name is auto. Txt
  • Then copy paste one of the following lines of code based on the status of your publisher as what
Steps to enter the ads code txt to the document file ads txt
Steps to enter the ads code txt to the document file ads txt, pub-00000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0, pub-00000000000000, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Not understand yet? Calm down guys, here’s the full explanation: – because it is a Google service, the domain is automatically this domain, so for this does not need to be replaced

pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is your publisher code that can be found on our google adsense page, or often people call it pub-id. Please change with the xxxxxxxx code according to your AdSense account

DIRECT – gives a signal that you are a publisher who has complete control of the account but does not sell ad slots to third parties if only small bloggers usually use this one

RESELLER means you are a publisher who also sells ad slots to third parties, this is usually only done by major publishers

f08c47fec0942fa0 is an identification code for Google so this code also does not need to be replaced, yeah guys

So, you can just try using the Direct one, all bloggers

  • If it’s like the picture above, save the notepad file by clicking File → Save or you can use the keyboard combination CTRL + S.

Then we just upload the ads.txt file to WordPress without a plugin

  • To upload to cpanel, we must first log in to the cPanel page then select File Manager. To access cpanel, you can just type the address in the browser with domain / cpanel
Click the File Manager Menu to enter the ads file txt
Click the File Manager Menu
  • After entering the file manager, then in the folder list, double-click on the site directory that you want to install ads.txt. For example, my blog is so I go to a folder called too
  • After entering, click the Upload menu button to upload the ads txt file that was created.
Click Upload to upload the ads file txt to cpanel
Click Upload to upload the ads file txt to cpanel
  • Now we just upload the ads.txt file by clicking the Select File button menu and then selecting the file from your computer.
  • If you have successfully uploaded the ads txt file should be in the File Manager, the notification will disappear 1-7 days so you can’t immediately lose it, you have to wait first. If I were a day, but there were group friends until a week, wait for it …

Make Txt File Ads Using Plugins on WordPress Blogs

This step will be easier to practice, even for beginners. If you are a little confused with Cpanel, this method can be a good choice. Immediately we start …

First, install the plugin first, called ads txt manager, click Plugin -> Add new, just look for the search menu and click install. Once installed, don’t forget to click Activate so that the plugin can function.

The next step is to enter Settings → Ads.txt → enter your ads.txt code

Our final step is to click Save Changes to save the configuration. And until here the installation of the ads.txt file has been completed and God willing also succeeded.

# 4 Check the installed ads.txt file

To check whether the ads.txt file has actually been successfully installed you can check it by typing domain name/ ads.txt in the browser. After the dienter, the code that should be installed in the ads file txt should appear

Regarding the earlier questions, the first is that ads.txt is actually not required to be made, but Google strongly recommends that it be better to follow the installation than the risk of being borne by passengers. After all, it won’t work for long, it’s easy, hehe.

Then does it affect the ads txt and income? The answer is not because the ads.txt function is only for protecting publishers and advertisers. Thus this file is also important.

Final Words & Conclusions

How about friends, have you all understood about the steps to overcome the ads.txt notification from Google Adsense that has been written above? You must have done it because Mimin has tried everything possible so that the writing about the topic of this ads.txt file can be solid, clear but comprehensive the material can be conveyed.

Hopefully what I have written can be useful for all of you. If you need to share with other friends to make it more useful, let’s spread goodness. If there are shortcomings in writing or material can be written in the comments yes, criticisms & suggestions from friends are all waiting for you.

Stay upbeat and don’t forget to study today.

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