How to Solve Google AdSense Ads.txt Issues On Blog

How to Overcome Google AdSense Ads.txt Problems on Blogs – A few days ago when checking a google AdSense account there was a warning that is a problem with ads.txt.
Its contents are more or less like the following ” Your Income is at Risk – One or more of your ads.txt files do not contain the AdSense display ID. Fix this problem now to avoid a serious impact on your income. “
How to overcome the above problem is to activate ads.txt first. There are two ways that I will discuss this time, namely by using Cpanel and for blogger users the features are available. But I will explain beforehand what ads.txt is.

What Is Ads.txt

Ads itself stands for Authorized Digital Seller developed by IAB Tech Lab. The function of ads.txt is to increase transparency in advertising programs especially for online advertising such as Google AdSense.
The method used by Ads.txt is very simple, and certainly safe that can be used to declare anyone who has authorization.
With Ads.txt, it can make it easier for advertisers to identify an Authorized Digital Seller so that it can increase trust that the buyer has purchased an original non-fake inventory that can be detrimental.


Google AdSense is one of the advertising sites that are displayed by Google Adsense publishers on private websites. If ads.txt is activated on a site that has Google Adsense installed, the advertiser will believe that the site is indeed displaying ads from Google AdSense.
Because there are several advertising sites that are similar to Google AdSense.

How to Activate Ads.txt on Blogger

On the blogger platform, the Ads.txt setting is available on the dashboard. But before you have to go to Google AdSense and on alerts about the problem ads.txt just select ” Action “.
Ads.txt Blogger
Please copy the code that is given an arrow. More or less like this:, pub- 98xxxxxxxxxxxxxx , DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0.
Enter the blogger dashboard, select settings then select search preferences again. Search for features to enable ads.txt. Our task is to copy and paste the code in the action section of  ads.txt.  If you don’t want to be complicated, just copy the red code above and change the display ID according to your Google AdSense account.
Save changes and wait for approximately 24 hours, if it is successful then alerts the ads.txt problem does not appear in Google AdSense account.

How to Activate Google Adsense Ads.txt in Cpanel

For those of you who use hosting, of course for users of WordPress, Drupal, etc. Of course, you have to set Ads.txt. The method is quite easy, we must first write it in notepad. If it has been saved as ads.txt.
Enter Cpanel and upload the file to the main root directory or directory. First, we have to open Cpanel and log in using user and password then select File Manager.
Enter public_html because the root directory is located there if you have uploaded the ads.txt file earlier.
Ads.txt di Cpanel
To check ads.txt Google AdSense you can enter Then all ads.txt information will be visible, as well as my blog.
Here I am showing for the website, the results are more or less like this.
Example Ads.txt
Here’s my explanation of ads.txt. Google Adsense publishers are generally lazy to enable ads.txt, but they are very useful to Google Adsense publishers. If there is still something unclear please ask in the comments.

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