I Want To Start A Business But Have No Ideas

Do you want to have a business? But you are still confused about where you should start because you don’t have a business idea yet?

Relax, you are not alone, how come there are many out there like you, but they are able to start a business because they find the right idea than practice.

Actually there are techniques or ways that can provoke your creative ideas to emerge. You just need to be calm, no need to be confused. We are equally given reason to think. So make the best use.

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I Want To Start A Business But Have No Ideas
I Want To Start A Business But Have No Ideas

1. Start from the mindset of meeting other people’s needs so that you find “interesting” ideas.

You certainly understand that a successful business is a business that is able to meet the needs of many people.


Try to consider the following explanation so that in your mind a lot of business ideas emerge.

There are many needs for example:

  • Need because trends emerge, for example, fashion trends, fashion, etc., etc. Then came the boutique business, tailors or tailors, used clothing and fashion business.
  • There is also a need because of the prestige or glamor. Then came businesses like luxury automotive, luxury car rental, new model clothes, luxury furniture, to the luxury travel business.
  • Sports needs. Then came the futsal field, billiard rental, fitness rental to rent and buy and sell sports equipment.
  • Basic needs such as food, drinks, food. Then came the successful culinary business, successful farmers, successful breeders until successful middlemen.
  • Entertainment needs. Then came businesses like Games, Youtube, Andong Andong, tourist attractions or water parks, entertainment stages to karaoke venues.
  • Need to find information. Then came the big businessman and the ruler of the internet like Google search engine. Information media such as blogs, news sites, magazines, to the radio.
  • Technology needs such as the creation of new gadgets to the sellers of technology accessories.
  • And many more, please make your version.

Furthermore, there is more in its development to create existing ones but become easier.


  • Online shop or online shop makes it easy for people to shop from anywhere.
  • There is another Gojek, Grabcar, people find it easy to find transportation services
  • Ease of transactions such as electricity tokens, package pulse services, and others.

2. Bring a small notebook and stationery, then try to start to pay attention to the environment, then take notes by making questions

When you are in the city, in the village, on vacation or wherever, try to ponder and pay attention.

Then, make questions that provoke your idea like:

  • Suppose you are looking at entrepreneurs or businesses, whether I can follow the business if there is an innovative idea. Or…? What are the opportunities?
  • What do they need?
  • If you see something activity, is there a business opportunity that I can work on?
  • Is my hobby applicable to what you see?
  • And make your free version. Fish your creativity.

Now you certainly have your own way right? You have a myriad of creative questions that you can create to find these ideas. Try on and hopefully you will find interesting business ideas.

Not only that…

Even when you watch television or surf the internet, you can make questions or pay attention to what is there to find business ideas.

3. Starting from your hobby, this is the advice of most business experts

A hobby-friendly business will usually make someone enjoy the business process.


It’s clear that if the business suits your hobby, then you will never feel like work because you are running your hobby right? Everything feels light by you because you like it.

You can try to do a market analysis related to your hobby. Try to know, is there a market opportunity that you can achieve from your hobby.

  • For example, you like graphic design, you can try to be a photo editor and photographer. Sell ​​your photos online.
  • If you like cooking, you can try a culinary business.
  • If you like writing, you can try working as a freelance writer.

Please take a piece of paper, then you write whatever you like the most. Then try to analyze whether there are business opportunities that you can work on based on what you like.

This method is quite effective you know, just try to note, so many successful entrepreneurs who initially just a hobby, but turned into big business.

4. Looking for something that is the current trend

If you don’t have a hobby like the explanation in point number 3 above, you can try to find business ideas based on products that are currently trending.

Look for the category menu about products that are trending. Or you can type keywords in the search engine with the keywords  “Top selling [Name of e-commerce] ” or ” Best Selling [Name of e-commerce] ”

Well, later you will find any product that is selling well on the market. After that, decide which products you want to make a business.

This method does not guarantee the business can last long, because we look based on trends. But it is not impossible also to be able to develop continuously and last a long time.

5. Try to take a walk out of the area, city, or maybe vacation abroad

The human brain is usually very sensitive when they are in a relaxed atmosphere such as when traveling, vacation or when enjoying the natural atmosphere. Conditions like this usually will appear a lot of business ideas.

For that, you can try the technique. Look for tourist destinations or sightseeing. Make the atmosphere pleasant, bring a notebook and note your ideas.

It could be that in this way you will find brilliant ideas to become a business.

Traveling is indeed able to make the mind bright. This is because you discover new things from your usual routine.

Maybe you will find a business that has never been applied in your place. Of course methods like this can be very effective to apply when you’re looking for ideas.

6. Diligent reading and learning

Next, the way you can find business ideas is to expand your horizons.

You can read articles about motivation in business, read other people’s success stories or just add insight into the field of business management. Whatever it is important articles that you read related to the field of business.

This method is effective enough to add your insight, it could be from the knowledge you have, a brilliant business idea will emerge.


The author is sure you will find lots of ideas. Never doubt yourself. Begin to be confident.

Once you find an idea, keep doing a complete analysis starting from the capital needed to the way you run the business. Hopefully, this article can provide inspiration. Greetings success always.

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