Protect Your Laminate Floor With a Chair Mat

chair mat

Chair mat for the laminate floor is a thin, rectangular material that covers part of the floor. Made of PVC or foam, a chat mat can do its job in different places.

Here in the following guide, you will get to know about the different models and what you should consider when buying them. Stay with us for a few minutes to find out everything you need to know about chair mats.

Do I need a chair mat on laminate?

chair mat
chair mat

Laminate, parquet, and even tiles can wear out quickly when subjected to intensive use. Even worse if there are cracks and visible signs of wear. Wherever you move a lot, standing or sitting on the office chair, it is worth using a chair mat for the laminate floor.

How do you protect a laminate floor from rolling chairs?

There are different models can be classified according to their intended use:

Office chair: The chair mat is most commonly used in office chairs. Gone are the days when you do your work at work or at home while sitting on tiles.

But laminate and parquet are particularly vulnerable. Especially when the roles of the office chair move along them for several hours every day. A sufficiently large floor protection mat definitely makes sense here!

Carpet protection mat: Sometimes your office chair rolls on the carpet. The mats made for this have small knobs on the underside. They gently “claw” themselves into the carpet and do not slide away. You can use armchairs, a couch, or similar. Your carpet will suffer fewer marks and wear will be reduced.

Fitness room: You should also place these mats in the studio and in your private training room. There they protect your fitness equipment on the one hand and your movements on the other.

It is not possible for them to slip away. If so, you will be gently caught. With some exercises, fitness mats also protect your knees and elbows. Other names for this type are sports mat and puzzle mat.

Pool mat: The popular pools for installation are very sensitive to bumps. It is better if you distribute suitable pool documents before setting up. Their very thick and at the same time tear-resistant material protects bathing fun from below from stones, branches, etc.

Workplace mats: This does not mean the office job, but all standing activities. Better known as anti-fatigue mats because they do just that.

Anyone who is constantly on the assembly line or repairs a car, his muscles, and tendons tire relatively quickly. At some point there is pain. Such workplace mats offer a rubberized and therefore soft surface. They allow minimal weight shifts while standing to alternately strain the muscles. While protecting the joints at the same time.

How to choose a chair mat for the laminate floor?

If you want to buy the best chair mat for the laminate floor, then you must consider some criteria in any case. Below, our experts have put together the most important checklists to help you make the best buying decision.

We are sure that you will find a good or even the best product in the category if you take into account our criteria and recommendations when looking for a product.

Manufacturer: Are known manufacturers of Floor Protectors available?

Customer Reviews: Are there people who have already purchased and rated the product?

Comparison: Finally, you should carry out an extensive product and price comparison taking into account the relevant criteria to find the best product.

Price: How much money do you have available and are there cheap deals for chair mat for a laminate floor?

Test reports: Are there well-founded and informative test reports on chair mats?

Dimensions: What size of the product is needed or even possible?

Test results: Which products are currently the best in the chair mats category?

Using the checklist shown above, you can identify various products that meet your needs during the purchasing process. Finally, we want you to make a comparison and an evaluation to identify the best product in the category char mats for you.

Also, do not miss to check out our thorough buying guide in the next section.

Buying guides of chair mat for the laminate floor:

If you now want to buy a char mat for laminate flooring, compare the offers according to these criteria:

Scope of application:

There are various areas of application for such mats. It is therefore essential that you specify your search. Enter, for example, “chair mat for laminate floor” when doing research in the well-known online shops. This only shows you relevant products and saves you time.


You should already have a little freedom of movement. So, don’t just measure your office chair. The same applies to your fitness equipment in the sports room. A certain dynamic takes place on such protective mats. For this reason, including at least twice the base area.

Tip: If your chair mat for the laminate floor turns out to be too big, no problem: in many cases, you can easily cut the material yourself.

Material & thickness:

Protective mats as a desk chair base are made of plastic. Their height is deliberately chosen very small. With fitness mats, on the other hand, you want to choose an inch or more so that the desired cushioning occurs. This also applies to grills and pools. Here, a weatherproof foam or similar is used because the mats are outdoors.

Design &colors:

The majority of the chair mats for office chairs are selected in transparent. As a result, it only slightly catches the eye of the beholder but fulfills its purpose.

The puzzle mats for sports rooms and studios are mostly kept in plain black. So, it is with documents for the grill.

Exceptions prove the rule. If you want more color, floor mats are also available as an eye-catcher. Possibly. you can also have them printed by a company.

Hard floors such as laminate, parquet, and tiles may seem robust. However, if an object (office chair, fitness equipment, etc.) always lingers on it, the material wears out faster. Especially if it is moved on it every day.

Chair mats to protect these types of floors do not cost much but extend the life of the surface considerably. In rental apartments, houses, fitness studios, and offices, it is, therefore, necessary to think about their use.

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