Make money with your mobile app

Competition in the mobile application market. The USA accounted for 75% of the market in 2015. But then how to differentiate and monetize its mobile application? 

A mobile application must be well optimized to maximize its visibility in the various platforms for downloading applications, not to mention on Google! More than half of all app searches are done through the Google search engine.

Lack of ideas to monetize your mobile application. Discover some tracks.

But before, read this first:

  • In 2015, 56% of world people do not have paid apps,
  • 68% of respondents use at least 6 apps a day,
  • 65% of Android users visit the Google Play Store in their bed, the main place for a consultation!
  • Games remain the privileged applications of users: 71%
  • The main reason for removing an application is the presence of bugs (76%), according to the Gartner Institute.

Monetize your mobile application

 A strong concept always wins. But your business model has to stay the course …

Advertising: There are several formats: the banner ad above or below the header, the banner at the bottom of the page (in the footer), the ad that appears on the entire screen when you open an application, etc. And they can also take the editorial form of a banner featuring articles similar to the one you are reading. These article recommendations come from internal as well as external sources. The boards are full of inspiration … to bring out your blue card. They always push the limits: I think of native advertising. Have you ever used the Admob solution? She belongs to our dear friend Google, again and again. This is one of the leading mobile advertising agencies! If the name of Google gives you a migraine, other advertising agencies specialized in mobile are all equally effective: Taboola ,  Outbrain ,  Ligatus .

The Freemium: an economic model based on free but limited content. The user must pay to access additional content. A business plan, increasingly used by the traditional online press. For fans of gaming applications, these are bonuses and other paid benefits that will allow you to advance in the game or to continue playing simply.

Partnership: Using advertisers who communicate with your target audience can be the first step. This is a win-win: you promote a website, an advertiser, or a brand below your articles via an advertising banner.

And you? Do you have other ideas to monetize a mobile app? We are takers! 

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