Travel health insurance

If you want to tour carefree to faraway countries, you should have a private travel health insurance in your luggage. For the statutory health insurance companies take over abroad only limited or no protection.

The essentials in brief: Travel health insurance

  • Also with foreign travel health insurance, it is worth to compare the prices. There are special rates for families. Be careful if a deductible is required.
  • It is advisable to read the fine print carefully. Exclusions can lurk there.
  • With the most important point: return transport. He should already be able to do it if he is medically “meaningful”. According to some conditions, it must be medically “necessary”.

European Health Insurance Card

Even in the EU states and the countries with which Germany has a social security agreement, tourists can sit completely or at least partially at their expense. If the European Health Insurance Card is not accepted, the doctor treats the vacationer as a private patient at a higher cost. If the treatment is as a private patient, each treatment must be paid immediately. As a hospital stay can easily incurred several thousand euros.

Also, the return transport from the holiday country does not belong to the service catalog of the statutory health insurance (GKV). The costs can only be reimbursed via private travel health insurance.

Such policies provide indispensable protection and often cost only a few euros.

Compare prices

Annual contracts are already available for less than five euros, but also three times. It is made for each trip abroad, which – depending on the contract – may not last longer than six or eight weeks. Long-term travel over several months requires a special policy, which is then much more expensive. For example, seniors who spend the winter in southern countries or young people who want to spend a year abroad after school should consider this.

Many providers also have special tariff offers for families in the program. Annual contracts exist with some companies already starting from 14 euro. It is therefore advisable to examine the scope of the insurance in advance and compare it with other rates. Above all, care should be taken to see what age co-insured children enjoy insurance coverage. Because the insurers have very different regulations.

Read fine print

Who concludes a private travel health insurance, should pay attention not only to the price but also to the benefits. Although most contracts are similar, clumsy clauses in some policies are dormant. For example, if a vacationer suffers from a chronic illness that requires treatment, the insurance company can later refuse to pay. However: Some companies do not pay for existing chronic illnesses only if treatment was required six months before departure due to acute deterioration or if the treatment was already established prior to departure on the basis of a medical diagnosis.

Chronically ill should conclude such a contract.

If they do not receive the private insurance cover, they should talk to their GKV, in order to get an exception in the holiday country, where this is the case.

Before departure, one should let itself for safety declarations of security by the attending physician give. Some companies do not pay if accidents happen abroad during competitions or club sports.

intermediate clause

Attention, here only residual costs are taken over, for which legal health insurance does not pay. Result: It has to be billed twice later.

Check after-performance period

It can happen that a sick vacationer can not travel home as planned. In the meantime, many companies still pay the bills until the insured person is again transportable, even if the insurance cover has already expired. When concluding the contract, care should, therefore, be taken to ensure that these subsequent services are not limited in duration or are granted for a long time.


The return transport is one of the most important points on the list of services. According to the insurance conditions, the costs should already be covered for a medically appropriate and not only for a mode of medically necessary return transport. Also, privately insured persons should as a precaution pack travel insurance in the suitcase, in order to secure the repatriation in an emergency or – if this belongs to the scope of the private contract – then if necessary to spare his deductible.

However, you should avoid providers who pay for the return transport only if it is “medically necessary and medically arranged”. These conditions are almost impossible to meet. The return transport is medically necessary only if the standard of medical care in the host country is so low that one can not be treated there with the prospect of success.

Therefore, they should only select companies that, according to their conditions, take care of patient transport if it is medically reasonable and justifiable.

Expensive treatment costs

Before particularly expensive treatments, the patient abroad should be faxed by his insurance to confirm the cost.


A few insurance policies require a deductible from customers for annual contracts. You should keep your fingers off such degrees

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